Study Habits You Need To Use

February 06, 2021

Studying is one of the most…..BORING thing

#1: Time Tables Are Your Friends:

During my many years of studying I have always found knowing what and how much I am studying at the particular time I am doing it is much more helpful than just “going with the flow”. It helps you to plan your day much more efficiently and keeps you prepared.

#2: Take Breaks:

Studying non-stop for like four hours may be helpful to others but not for me. In my opinion taking breaks to let what you’ve been reading about helps you to reflect on what you’ve been doing. To much stress on the brain could also cause it to be overwhelmed, which may cause you to forget everything you read on the exam day.

#3: Study Groups:

Studying with other people always makes me remember anything that we study about it also creates a relaxed environment in which you can gain understanding from your fellow peers.

#4: Listen To Music:

I absolutely loooooove music. And for some reason listening to music while studying always seems to let whatever I am reading stick.I normally listen to Pop songs when I study, But thats me, everyone has there on kinds of music.

#5: Break Things Down:

When it comes to studying, , people may think cramming is a good thing but the truth is that none of that is needed, if you don’t understand something all you have to do is break it down into a simpler form. This way you will be able to understand it and it automatically stick.

#6: Old Exams and Tests are Key :

Using Old test papers to study are an amazing way to stay ahead of class or to relearn stuff you didint know which will not only help your grades but also help you to understand more which is the real meaning of learning.

Well that’s it for today’s post, I am also sorry that this is late, I was really busy this week and I am also having a little writers block at the moment. I’ll try to keep the post to the time they are supposed to be posted.

Have a great week to come!

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  1. Avatar

    Nice Ivy. Even I use old test papers to practice.

    • Ivy Lambert

      Thanks. yeah test papers are one of the best ways to remember stuff and prepare

  2. Avatar

    Even I love to listen to music while studying!!

    • Ivy Lambert

      I love finding music to study to and getting recommendations

  3. Avatar

    Whenever I tried of group study, I ended up in giggles and gossips! But that’s necessary too, isn’t it!

    • Ivy Lambert

      Definitely Having fun is part of the process!

  4. Avatar

    Good one Ivy! Time Tables and breaks work like magic

    • Ivy Lambert

      They really do help I don’t know where I’d be without timetable, probably late to all my classes

  5. Avatar

    I love timetables as well , they are so helpful when I study!!

    • Ivy Lambert

      Yeah they really are!

  6. Avatar

    This was really helpful cuz i have exams coming up so thanks!


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