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December 23, 2020

Heyyyyy my party peeps! I cannot believe that I got nominated for this award, I honestly couldn’t believe it I mean I just started blogging this month and I never expected to get noticed this early. I got nominated for this award by Maya from Pretty Little Scribbles. She blogs about Books, Life Experience and other Interesting things, She is an amazing writer, and her blog is so amazing. Go check it out!!!


1.) Thank the blogger who nominated you

2.) Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you

3.) Nominate 11 bloggers

4.) Ask your nominees 11 questions

5.) Notify your 11 nominees

My Answers:

These questions really made me to sit up and take notice of my values. I tried to be as understanding and concise as possible. Lets dive in shall we?

#1.) What is success according to you ?

Well in my opinion success is not how many awards you win or how may times you get a prize. To me success is when you are able to achieve whatever your passions are at whatever time you want and being completely satisfied while doing it.

#2.) How do you take care of mental health ?

Not that I know how it feels to have troubles with mental health, but in my opinion, for anyone who does deal with this kinda thing I would advise a calming environment with relaxing music or a place you can really relax and get loose…… with probably some chocolate and ice-cream

#3.) Who inspires you ?

Lots of people I meet everyday inspire me, because lots of people around the world do amazing things all the time. So if I was to pick one person I think I would answer it as “Who Inspires you the most? ” In which case I would say: my mother. She is an amazing woman who works and works but is still so God- driven and calm at the same time. She is exactly what I want to be when I grow up.

#4.) Which one country do you want to visit ?

This one is a little tricky but I think my answer is……. Italy, because of it’s beautiful sights and you know….. pizza!!!! 🍕🍕

#5.) Where do you live ?

I live in West Africa

#6.) If you are given an offer to buy 3 things for free of cost, What three things will you choose ?

Well this is easy, Firstly I would buy a life-supply of Spicy Doritos

Secondly an expert culinary class for five years or more

And last but definitely not least, an orphanage for the motherless or fatherless or family-less children.

#7.) If you have a huge amount as donation, for which 1 cause would you want to donate ?

I would definitely donate it to orphanages or ordinary poor people on the street. I’d do this because it so sad and painful that although some of us are going to have an amazing Christmas but others aren’t, it hurts to know that people are dying literally everywhere with no homes, and almost know cares or if they do care they don’t do anything about that. It really hurts me to know that.

#8.) Why did you choose blogging?

Well you can see the reason why I started blogging in my first post, if you want to read it click here. But if not I can just say it here. Well I started blogging because of my dad, he introduced me to it. He told me about blogging and I was immediately sold on the idea, but now honestly I love blogging because of the way I get to spread my opinion to an amazing bunch of people.

#9.) Three of your favourite brands from any industry?

I absolutely adore Netflix, Mr Price, and Jansport. Jansport is like a company that makes bags. Mr Price is a clothing store.

#10.) What would you like to change about yourself ?

Well I honestly love everything about myself, butttt if I were to change an itty-bitty thing about my weight! I am not over-weight just wish I could speed up my metabolism. thats all.

#11.) Where in time would you travel ?

Well I would definitely go to the 90’s , Everything was so calm at that time and cool and you know retro and stuff .


Evin, Miriam,Gauri, Ria, Roshni, Krisha, Krisha, Aditi

And anyone whose name has an E or an I

My Questions

Well I honestly couldn’t come up with any other better questions……. but I could tweak it a little. Ummmm….. I would change #2 to “What helps you relax? “ and #8 to “What is your favourite thing about blogging”

Well that’s it for today’s post!!!! I would like to say another bigggg thank you to Maya for nominating me!!!!!

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  1. Avatar

    Yay! Thanks for the nomination but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to participate or not. I’ll let you know if I do

    • Ivy Lambert

      Your Welcome !!! It’s okay if you can’t participate, Merry Christmas

  2. Avatar

    Your replies were really nice! I especially liked that your mom is your role model. And yes, I wanna visit Italy too! Thanks for the nomination <3

  3. Ivy Lambert

    Your Welcome !!! I know right Italy is awsome!!!

  4. Avatar

    Thanks for doing this! I really enjoyed reading your answers! Who doesn’t love Netflix!

    • Ivy Lambert

      You’re really welcome and it was really fun to do.
      I know right, Netflix is the best!


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