Levitating : A Short Story

Hey there Friends! Recently I have been reading a lot of my old stories from my writing journal that I kept. And It shocked me how good I was at writing at that young age. Most of them were really good, and when I asked myself why I stopped writing stories, nothing came to mind. So I have decided to write a short story I have been thinking of, and show it to y’all ( Some of it is based on how Jason ,in heroes of Olympus, first lost his memory) . I hope y’all like it😁 { By the way I created all these characters in this story }

                                                                           . . . . . . .

I woke up in a dark, damp cave.  It smelt like onions. I tried to stand up but I was chained to something I rose up my hand. Shackles. ” Rise and Shine Sleeping Beauty” said a sarcastic voice” How was your nap”. I looked up, my eyes were starting to adjust to the darkness, I saw a girl probably about my age, she was dressed weird, actually no she just looked weird. She had choppy fiery red hair.  Her eyes seemed to be changing colour, like a kaleidoscope, from, red to blue to pink. Her clothes were neon bright even in the darkness. She was wearing a pink romper, with sky blue leggings and weird boot kind of shoes. ” Is that Velcro?” I whispered in Confusion. She rolled her eyes “No its moose fur, could you please stop, messing around break us free already, these things are giving my wrist a rash” she complained.

      I was confused what does she mean “break us free”? How would I be able to do that, it’s not like I have super hero strength or anything. Superhero, A hotness fills inside me. Why do I feel like I should feel connected to that word? 

              ” Who are you?” I asked anxiously, I was starting to get worried.” Why am I chained, to the wall? Why am I in a cave? And why are you wearing Velcro? ” The irritation on her face melted into concern and worry. ” You really don’t remember, do you?” she asked. I shook my head. ” They must have hit you with it. I knew this assignment was to risky, but do they listen to me? No! Now we’re gonna get killed.” She said “killed” like it was something that wouldn’t make all that of a difference in her life and not like it was the end of living.  “Whoa, Whoa, whoa what do you mean killed.  What exactly are you talking about? And what do you mean mission is this some kind of celebrity show?”

              She rolled her eyes like she couldn’t believe I had the nerve to ask her questions ” What is this, twenty questions, FINE if you intend on annoying me to death before we actually get killed, I’ll explain. Your name is Zora and you’re a super hero.”  she said like it was no big deal. “You’re kidding right, Super hero” She rolled her eyes again. This girl rolled her eyes a lot.  “Yeah, Dufus you don’t believe me watch this.” She closed her eyes, and took deep breaths. When she opened her eyes, they were pink, even weirder than that her body seemed to vibrate and soon lightning started to fizzle around her, soon we were rising up the floor levitating into the air. And then a small explosion happens and we hit the flour with a loud bump.

        She took some more deep breaths and here eyes turned back to the normal kaleidoscope colours. She smiled smugly “Now, do you believe me?” she asks although its pretty obvious that now I do. 

         I blink in confusion “So superheroes are real? How? Why? When? “   “Look I’ll answer all your questions later but first you have to break these chains or else we’re gonna die!” for a second the cold look in her eye is gone and I can see who she really is: she’s scared.

               “Okay” I decide “I’ll try, how do I do that exactly?”  “You close your eyes and concentrate really hard and then you feel a hotness inside. That’s how you know it’s working.” I closed my eyes and concentrated I felt a buzzing in my ear, that’s probably a good sign, I concentrate harder, I start to fell a prickle of heat inside, it’s nothing much but it’s there. Soon the heat begins to rise up, soon I am not only feeling the heat I am on fire! Literally. I continue though soon I am engulfed in flames. But I do not feel distressed, not even a little, in fact I feel comfortable.

             I look down at my wrist, the chains have melted now and my wrists are free. “YES!” she says “It worked, now do me and let’s get out of here” Just as I was going to start on her own chain, we heard a loud bang. “uh-oh” I said.

  Another explosion happened and then we were levitating again.

                                                                    . . . . . . . .

That it! What do you think the Explosion is ?  I really had fun writing this ! Should I do more? Write with the comments.

Stay Fun and have a fantabulous day

,Xoxo Ivy

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  1. Avatar

    This is really interesting! Can’t wait for your Part 2!

    • Ivy Lambert

      Thanks So much Maya, Don’t worry part 2 is coming!!!! Stay Posted to find out.



  1. Not 1 but 2 Mystery Award Nomination + Announcement - Ivy's Scribbles - […] Levitating: A Short Story […]

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